Translation Aid

Peace of mind abroad in times of

accident or illness


Medicarte is designed to be carried with you in a foreign country in case you are in the unfortunate position to be taken ill, or have had an accident and you speak little or none of the language.
It can be used in a Doctors surgery, a chemist, a hospital and throughout a hospital stay to convey many important health scenarios and to communicate symptoms to medical staff WITHOUT THE USE OF SPOKEN WORD
Medicarte also allows you to ask members of the public to contact emergency services for you should the need arise.
Because Medicarte requires no technology, no battery, no electricity, no signal and no wi-fi connection, they can be used anywhere, under all circumstances with NO RESTICTIONS and are very easy to use.
Medicarte enables people to convey vital information when they are at their most vulnerable - in times of accident or illness when you speak little or none of the language.
Medicarte uses grammatically correct and precise translations - NOT computer-generated literal translations which can be inaccurate, limited and non-specific.
Medicarte achieves critical, dependable communication WITHOUT THE USE OF SPOKEN WORD.
(To read the story behind the creation of Medicarte see our 'About Us' page.)